Seeing the yellow booted, blue jean wearing Topi among other things.... Offbeat Riding Safaris

Hundreds of wildebeest cleared the airstrip to allow the chartered plane to come to a land. Twelve guests including couples, families and lone travelers unloaded into the 4x4’s as we made our way to the first camp. Eyes were on stalks as a Megan and Simon pointed out the differences of Thompson and Grant gazelles that filled our eyes, as well as the fashionista’s of the antelope world - the yellow booted, blue jean wearing topi. Even a bunch of giraffe came to welcome us to the Mara, fluttering their gorgeous lashes. We really could only be on the plains of Africa.

The Mugie Triathlon - Ekorian's Mugie Camp

The Mugie Triathlon brings you an opportunity for fun and adventure in the beautiful Laikipia landscape.

Swimmers glide across the Mugie Dam, cutting through the glassy morning water to the far side. Here, team mates will tag their bicyclist and individual competitors will quickly transition, for the 20km bike across stunning Mugie, reminded that  gazelle and zebra in the distance. Racers run the final leg, 5k to the finish! 

Sosian working in conjunction with Lion Landscapes ensuring the protection of lions in our area

Sosian have worked with Lion Landscapes since its conception and have developed a strong working relationship when it comes to lion conservation in Laikipia.

The goal of Lion Landscapes is to secure a landscape that supports a viable population of wild lions, or any other pinnacle carnivore species. To do this it must also support healthy wild prey populations, healthy habitat, and be successfully addressing poaching and conflict issues between people and large carnivores.

Tala the Giraffe - Mugie Conservancy

A visit to Mugie isn’t complete without spending some time with Tala the giraffe. Her towering presence is hard to miss around Mugie Headquarters as she pokes her head in at the workshop or peers in at those working away at the main office. And she’s quite a noticeable addition to the herd of sheep or goats that she gloms onto for the morning, following the animals and their herder around the conservancy as she browses for food.

August Rush - Offbeat Riding in the Masai Mara

With the month of August being at the pinnacle of the safari season; horses, vehicles and guests were flicking in and out of the Mara like bees on honey. I assisted in 2/4 back to back safaris. The first group arrived on the 11th of August comprising of a mixed bunch, predominantly Americans. The first game drive from the airstrip to the camp is always very enlightening as more than often the fresh arrivals are witnessing African wildlife for the first time. The genuine look of pure excitement on their faces as they see their very first elephant really makes you appreciate the amount of satisfaction a place like the Mara has and what it can do for people. 

Seven nights of pure adventure: 15th - 22nd July 18 - Masai Mara Ride

Trying to compose a descriptive illustration of this safari in writing is simply immeasurable to the true feelings and emotions felt on what was undoubtedly one cracking adventure. In short I would recount its as being utterly breathtaking, amusing, educational and unpredictable leaving everyone fully satisfied at the end by having both seen and done the unexpected.

Offbeat Riding Safaris - Simon & Rosy's Laikipia lodge to lodge ride

Last month Simon and Rosy put together a lodge to lodge ride in Laikipia using the Offbeat Horses. Offbeat in fact always include a Laikipia ride in our set departures, however the popularity of the Mara means that we do not always run them. This was the first time that I have done the Laikipia ride and I must say it was absolutely fantastic. The landscape and wildlife varies so much from the Mara that it makes a wonderful change. We had a fantastic group, some return clients from New Zealand who had done our Mara ride last year and were keen to experience something different.

Yup.. It rains down in Africa! At Ekorian's Mugie Camp we have had the most amazing rainy season so far this year!

Every river, stream, and water whole is brimming; and the animals are looking fat and happy.

We closed for the month of May to work on camp maintenance. This saw the good old sewing machine back in action as the tents came down and the canvas was patched up and replaced where it needed to be. Camp is looking lovely, and we are all ready for the high season.

Offbeat Mara Camp's face lift, the new family tent and some great sightings to kick of the season.

We are so excited to start the new season on such a good note. Offbeat Mara Camp has had a face lift! Only this time not to our front of house but behind the scenes!

After the recent flood, and consequential damage that we incurred; in April and May, rather than being closed, we have been very busy working away and rebuilding our entire back of house.

The Annual Rangeland and Pastoralist Show; bringing the community together to conserve our environment, livestock and wildlife harmoniously.

Mugie conservancy is incredibly proactive in supporting eco-friendly and sustainable living. The world at the moment is desperately trying to address the issues of global warming and the general mismanagement of our environment.

At Mugie the hands-on efforts in; education, improving the standards of living, supporting the idea of a cohesive community and giving the community at large the opportunity to get involved and learn how to develop is really admirable.

A year in the life of Offbeat Riding Safaris, March 2017 to 2018

Although the last 12 months were marked by some challenging changes in dynamics I am incredibly proud of how our Offbeat team have pulled off another incredible year.

We completed 19 safaris since March 2017 with Simon Kenyon and Joss Craig as our intrepid guides, beautifully backed up and hosted by Imo and Megan, and we have shown 155 guests the Mara at its best from horseback………

From Sheila and the team at Mugie House

We kicked off the month experiencing extremely high temperatures. It is as if the sun has moved down a notch or two..... It’s officially dry season in Laikipia! Fortunately as we are perched on a hill we do enjoy quite a breeze which helps keep us cool. It is getting quite windy in the evening at the moment which makes for a good excuse to have the fireplaces lit, unfortunately not so much for the elephants who get quite a fright from the howling wind - we must say it is hilarious watching them scurry into the bushes.................