The rains have come to Mara North Conservancy...

In March we left a very dusty, dry camp. The Olare Orok River had come to a complete stand still with only a few pools of water big enough for the hippos to wallow in. They had all moved into the smaller rivers and streams due to the pressure and overcrowding in the Mara River. The noises of hippos battling for their stretch of river every evening was remarkable.  One evening, whilst having a sundowner by the fire we had to take cover as two male hippos ran out through the bushes, and in to the river behind the shop tent!

We closed up camp just as the first storms started to twist and turn around the skies.  Two months later we have returned to a completely different landscape. The grass is high, the rivers flowing and the animals that lay under the trees seeking shade are now sunbathing in the tall grasses.

The family of lions that we share our camp with have introduced us to another 6 cubs, making it now 12! They are a joy to watch as they learn and grow into skillful predators through their playful ways. The two males (Frank and Jessie) are busy protecting their territory and new family members from roaming nomadic lions.

The cheetah are always one of the most interesting to be with after the rains. To get the best vantage point, they seek the highest points to stand and sleep on. Last week some of our guests were lucky enough to have Malika and her cubs jump on to their safari cars to scout the plains!

By Lara Simpkin (Offbeat Mara manager)