Offbeat Safari Horses excel in the Show Ring

The show string back home at Deloraine

The show string back home at Deloraine

The Dagoretti Horse of the Year Show was a huge success for the Offbeat Safaris’ horses. On Wednesday the 17th February 6 Deloraine horses, 4 syces (grooms), Cindy and myself made our way to Nairobi. The show was off to a great start with Amber winning the Novice Combined Training, Sporran winning the Preliminary Dressage and Jack following close behind for second place.

With a bit of spit and polish, our elephant and lion proof horses were able to strut their stuff in the show ring with Sporran being the Novice Champion Hack. Agua was awarded the Champion Hunter Horse and Reserve Grand Champion Under Saddle.

In between the showing classes, the baby oiling, dressage test calling and riding; Cindy and I managed to compete in a few show jumping rounds. Amber jumped a super 0.90m Adult Div 3 with a small rider error costing her one pole in the jump off but still managed to secure a third place, one of only 4 horses to go clear in the first round. Jack competed in the 1m Championship and Qualifier and was one of the few horses to go clear in the first round. Two unlucky poles in the jump off secured him a well-deserved third place.

All of the Deloraine horses returned home with ribbons and two very happy riders. The syces could not have done a better job with endless grooming, plaiting, gear changing and cleaning. I would like to say a huge thank you to Cindy, Tristan and the syces for all the hours of hard work that they put into these marvelous multi-talented safari horses. What a wonderful weekend it was! Please find the rest of the results below:

HOTYS 2015 Novice Champion Hack – Sporran and 3rd place to Mary Poppins

HOTYS 2015 Champion Hunter – Agua

Novice Hunter Horse- 5th McNab

Open Working Hunter – 2nd place to Jack The Lad

HOTYS 2015 Reserve Grand Champion Under Saddle – Agua

Novice Combined Training – 1st Amber, 3rd McNab, 7th Mary Poppins

Preliminary Dressage – 1st Sporran, 2nd Jack The Lad

Novice B Dressage Section 1 – 2nd Sporran, 3rd Jack The Lad, 10th Agua

Novice B Dressage Section 2 – 2nd Amber

Novice A Dressage – 3rd Sporran

0.90m Adult Div 3 Show Jumping – 3rd Amber

HOTYS 2015 1.00m Championship & Qualifier 2016 – 3rd Jack The Lad

By: Megan Hodgson