Mid-Season Message from Offbeat Mara Camp - Exceptional Sightings from Camp

We are currently half way through our high season, which certainly kicked off with a bang, as the herds of wildebeest made their way North from the Mara River and our little camp welcomed the first of the lucky guests who got to see it, in all its glory.

As ever, wildlife sightings have been spectacular, and often right from the comfort of camp.  This began with me spotting a leopard in front of my tent!  Following this, we then had wonderful cheetah sightings with Amani’s two older cubs hanging out in front of camp for two days.

Amani's two cubs on the plains in front of camp

Amani's two cubs on the plains in front of camp

In front of camp looking for a meal from a high vantage point!

In front of camp looking for a meal from a high vantage point!

As if that was not enough, the Offbeat pride of lions then managed to kill a zebra, again, right in front of my tent..I evidently have the hot spot position!  As well as all the big cats prowling around camp, the migration herds have also numbered in their thousands…which of course lures in the predators that we’ve seen so much of.

Camp life has been very busy, with all the staff jumping right into action as usual! A number of small mechanical hiccups kept Kush, our mechanic, busy but he always managed to get the vehicles back out into the bush as fast as they came in!  James, the head chef, has again been creating some amazing food and has forced me to start playing football with the staff in an effort to maintain my fitness!!

To help us out during this busy time, we were joined by Sam Wilson, a GAP student who has just finished his degree in quantum physics.  Sam came from the UK with the intention of learning all about wildlife and wildlife behavior, which he managed to go a long way in fulfilling within his stay at Offbeat. He became part of the Offbeat family within the first couple of days and fell right into groove with camp life. Sam enjoyed his drives and took full advantage when he could get out to view some of the incredible wildlife around camp. He stayed at Offbeat Mara for a month before leaving us to go and work up at Offbeat Meru for another month.  Was good to have you around Sam, the staff all miss you!

As well as looking after our guests I also attended a Mara North managers meeting at the beginning of the season.  This meeting brought all the new season managers together to discuss the various projects within the Mara North Conservancy, as well as re-capping on the rules and regulations that the conservancy has put in place. We discussed the Mara Elephant Project as well as the Mara Lion Project and Cheetah projects. The meeting was very productive and a number of new ideas where put forward!

With another two months ahead of us and many more guests coming to see the wonders of the Masai Mara, we are sure to have many more exciting moments to report on soon!

Best wishes from

Jesse Matthews

Assistant Camp Manager at Offbeat Mara