An epic leaping lioness, going in for the kill! - Offbeat Mara Camp

This month we have had a variety of guests stay with us, from Honeymooners to first time safari goers, families and single travelers, here at Offbeat Mara Camp we are incredibly flexible and will make sure that there is something to suit everyone.

We have had a few birthdays in camp too recently; and this is such fun. We normally throw a surprise bush dinner with traditional Masai birthday dancing for the guests and this is always received with such delight. A great highlight if you happen to celebrate your birthday whilst on safari.

Earlier in the month we had a phenomenal sighting of a lioness leaping for the kill quite literally. A few of our guests had headed off to the Mara reserve to hopefully catch a glimpse of one of the ever famous incredible crossings, and our guide saw a disturbance a little way off – there was a bit of a stir going on. So taking a detour they went to explore.

There was a single lioness creeping through the grass, headed toward some very unsuspecting Zebras. Our guests quickly followed the excitement with their video camera. The lioness pounced for the kill…


Everyone held their breath waiting for her to pull the Zebra to the ground, but to every one’s surprise the Zebra caught the Lioness right on the chin with a whopping kick using its back legs, sending her flying head over heals!

Luckily the Lioness, after returning to all fours as cats do, shook off the kick to the chin and somberly slunk away with only her “lion pride” hurt.

We have seen a lot of the Cheetah brothers around camp. They seem to have created a territory within an approximate radius of 25 kilometers around camp. So our guests have been very lucky and have seen them on most game drives, and have spent a good amount of time being able to really watch their daily habits and movements.


A lovely herd of elephants have moved into camp too. The grass is so long and lush and there is plenty to munch on.


Our veggie patch is teeming with delicious home grown goodies making our salads and dishes just that little bit more eco friendly and bursting with freshness. We have had some fantastic feedback about our food recently – must be all that local produce!