The Mugie Triathlon - Ekorian's Mugie Camp

The Mugie Triathlon brings you an opportunity for fun and adventure in the beautiful Laikipia landscape.


Swimmers glide across the Mugie Dam, cutting through the glassy morning water to the far side. Here, team mates will tag their bicyclist and individual competitors will quickly transition, for the 20km bike across stunning Mugie, reminded that  gazelle and zebra in the distance. Racers run the final leg, 5k to the finish! 


Next, we have a series of mini triathlons for the kids - always good fun! Laughter and chatter fills the marquee as racers and supporters, officials, and children sit and enjoy a delicious curry lunch curtesy of Lime Catering. 

The Mugie Triathlon offers a chance to participate in Laikipia’s greatest adventure, as well as the opportunity to engage in and support Mugie’s vital cheetah conservation efforts. For more information, please email