An update from Mugie

These first two months of 2018 have been exciting ones at Mugie!

The Moyo Foundation is the charitable limb of Mugie, focusing on healthcare, education, and conservation.


With a mind to further engagement with our neighbors and our own community at Mugie, and to promote sustainable development, we have developed a number of programs that will broaden the reach, and fine-tune, the existing services that Mugie offers, and introduce new programs and projects that will ‘fill the gaps’.

girl copy.jpeg

We’ve taken on our first scholarship student to Mugie School, sponsoring his tuition and board which, in turn, supports the small population of Special Needs students there, and we hope to be able to support more children soon. And next month we will be beginning our Community Outreach Health Clinics in neighboring villages as well as expanding the maternal health and family planning services offered. We will be facilitating a vision screening and distributing eyeglasses at the school, and with the Mugie nurse, we are designing a health curriculum to be regularly taught at the school, along with wildlife, wetland, and rangeland conservation projects.


This is a very exciting new chapter for Mugie, and a wonderful opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of our community and our neighbors. Our guests are really enjoying learning about, and becoming involved in, the projects and the conservation and sustainable development that motivates them.