From Sheila and the team at Mugie House

We kicked off the month experiencing extremely high temperatures. It is as if the sun has moved down a notch or two..... It’s officially dry season in Laikipia! Fortunately as we are perched on a hill we do enjoy quite a breeze which helps keep us cool. It is getting quite windy in the evening at the moment which makes for a good excuse to have the fireplaces lit, unfortunately not so much for the elephants who get quite a fright from the howling wind - we must say it is hilarious watching them scurry into the bushes.

 Another plus with the dry weather is that more and more animals are coming to our watering hole, there is a herd of buffalo that's been taking over the watering hole in the mornings, something interesting to watch while enjoying your breakfast.

The Lions have moved closer too and you might be lucky enough to see one by the roadside on your way to the house.


The Grevy's Zebra team had a successful count at Mugie, It will be interesting to find out the tally. They seemed to enjoy the celebratory Sundowners more than the counting.


They were able to find quite a number of giraffe’s as well. Interesting how as soon as they left we now seem to have increased Grevy's Zebra sightings.


Valentine’s season was evident with the animals; we enjoyed quite a spectacle of mating hyena’s by our watering hole a few days ago.

We are all looking forward to the inaugural Mugie golf open, any excuse to celebrate St.Patrick’s day works for us.