From the Offbeat Pride Den

It has been an extraordinary start to 2018 in the Offbeat Pride Den.  In the last six months the pride has gone through some drastic changes; as many of you may know - Jesse and Frank the male lions, have been pushed out of the Offbeat Pride by four other male lions. Along with Jesse and Frank, a lioness and eight cubs were also pushed out. This lioness is mothering three of her own cubs, two cubs from another lioness and the three cubs from our well known Napono.

Napono is our famous Offbeat lioness who we hear every night without fail. We can distinguish her because of her very unique roar. The more she ages, the more we notice her offloading her cubs to younger lionesses to look after.

The Offbeat Pride now consists of four males, six lionesses and five sub adults.

In the beginning of January one of the lionesses (one of Napono’s daughters) had given birth to three cubs. She concealed them in a very overgrown island surrounded by the river - roughly half a kilometer from camp. In the beginning we were only given a sneak peak of her precious cubs. Once they were not so fragile she started to bring them out more often, and we were fortunate enough to be able to spend an afternoon watching them play and interact with their mum.


A few days later, the Offbeat pride had made a zebra kill in the river crossing close to camp. Mum and her cubs came out to the kill, and were joined by her sister who introduced her three cubs which she had just recently given birth to. The two sister lionesses and their six cubs spent the afternoon interacting, and our guests thoroughly enjoyed watching them play.


We have since noticed that one of the other lionesses is also pregnant and should be expecting her cubs in the next week or so. We are overjoyed that our Offbeat Pride is growing by the day.

For those of you who are planning a trip to come and visit us, we are so looking forward to sharing with you these special encounters with our Offbeat Pride. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram page for updates on them.