A ball for conservation! Launching The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust

Since the last ride in March the horses (and staff) have enjoyed a great break before the season started again in the beginning of June.

Along with our annual visit to England for Badminton Horse Trials in May, we had another huge fixture in the diary.

Tristans Memorial Ball.jpg

On the 11th of May the Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust was launched at The Hurlingham Club where over 900 people attended.


The ball raised over £200,000 and we are extremely excited to begin working with our chosen organizations.


We have chosen to be a simple fund donating trust in order to promote the collaboration of charities in Kenya, reducing operating costs and making sure that all the money goes directly to the causes that we have chosen; ensuring all the money is spent as efficiently as possible.

The objects of our Trust are:

  • Protection of the natural environment in Kenya
  • The relief of poverty through education and family planning
  • The Planting of trees and
  • the protection and restoration of forests
  • Provision of grants for training and security in conservation

We hope to fulfill these aims and be able to make some sort of difference in Kenya, which is so rapidly undergoing change.

For more information on the Trust please visit:


After the ball Cindy and Imo embarked on a whirlwind trip to the USA which culminated in a wonderful stay at the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming, where they were hosted by the Fox family, and treated to some fabulous riding and adventures. 

Now that June is here we have an extremely busy season ahead and are looking forward to what the next few months have to bring.

The grass in the Mara is longer than it has been for a while and is promising for the wildebeest migration. 

Riding with Wildebeast.JPG

Safaris will be led by Simon Kenyon, Joss Craig and  Gareth Peak with Megan and Imo making sure that everyone including the horses are all well looked after.

We look forward to another great season and to sharing our adventures with you.

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