Offbeat Mara Camp's face lift, the new family tent and some great sightings to kick of the season.

We are so excited to start the new season on such a good note. Offbeat Mara Camp has had a face lift! Only this time not to our front of house but behind the scenes!

After the recent flood, and consequential damage that we incurred; in April and May, rather than being closed, we have been very busy working away and rebuilding our entire back of house.

This means new kitchen, new office, new stores, new garages and workshops. All staff and management are very happy with the changes and can already see the effects it’s had on the running of the camp as a whole.

We are still finishing up a few things such as our veggie patches but looking forward to having lots of fresh fruits and veggies very soon and whipping up all sorts of new recipes with them in the new kitchen.  

As well as our big back of house rebuild we have also redesigned one of our family tents, giving it an extension to the children’s room and giving them their own adjacent bathroom as well. With this new design it allows families to have that much more space, and both parents and children get to enjoy the privacy of their own bathrooms. This makes a huge difference.

Photo's will follow soon..... so keep an eye out!

Offbeat is definitely moving onwards and upwards this season with it being our busiest yet.

Chania Watts and Stephen Tsakiris will be your wonderful hosts, and we are really excited to welcome Stephen on board. Stephen grew up in Kenya, and is incredibly passionate about the bush, and wildlife. Chania has been with Offbeat now for two years and is part of the family.

We opened on the 1st June and the first guests of the season were welcomed by a lovely heard of elephants just outside of camp. One of the bulls was in must and trying to mate so a chorus of trumpeting echoed through the camp all evening.

Lions playing infront of eles.jpg

On one of our fist evening drives of the season we came across the acacia pride on the hunt.

After a few failed attempts, one of the lionesses spotted a Warthog that was well hidden in the long grass and with great ease and finesse successfully tackled the warthog to the ground. The pride enjoyed a wholesome dinner, although not too leisurely as hyenas had heard the hustle and were eagerly circling in attempt to share the feast. When the hyena’s got too close one of the lionesses made a brave attempt to fend them off which ended up in a tussle, nail biting, but she made it out with a few scratches. There were about thirty hyenas at this point, needless to say – power in numbers!

Photo Credit: David Grimes

Photo Credit: David Grimes

On the way back to camp we spotted Nelangu the leopard, which was incredibly special to see as she has been missing in action for about four months. So nice to have her back, and so close! She was spotted just outside tent number 3.


If you thought you couldn’t top that sighting, the next night her cub was spotted just outside tent 5 and 6! After such amazing rains there is always a boom of new life, and there are pups and cubs everywhere.

These three cubs of Amani’s being some of the cutest!

Photo credit: David Grimes

Photo credit: David Grimes

On one evening game drive we even spotted an Aardvark. Despite the really long grass and everything being so green the game sightings are still second to none.