The Annual Rangeland and Pastoralist Show; bringing the community together to conserve our environment, livestock and wildlife harmoniously.

Mugie conservancy is incredibly proactive in supporting eco-friendly and sustainable living. The world at the moment is desperately trying to address the issues of global warming and the general mismanagement of our environment.

At Mugie the hands-on efforts in; education, improving the standards of living, supporting the idea of a cohesive community and giving the community at large the opportunity to get involved and learn how to develop is really admirable.

In this area the Pokot, Samburu and Turkana live a nomadic lifestyle and rely solely on their livestock. With the population increasing so rapidly this is becoming more of a challenge as land is over run and over grazed which has so many knock-on effects. Productive management of the land is now more important than ever.

(Top photo was taken in May 2017, Bottom was taken in May 2018)

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Mugie set up an incredible initiative – “The Annual Rangeland and Pastoralist Show” to help combat these concerning issues.

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The First Annual Rangeland and Pastoralist Show at Mugie Conservancy was attended by over 600 people, with communities from Samburu, Baringo and Laikipia Counties.

The initiative was started with the aim of sharing new techniques in animal husbandry and rangeland management with pastoralist communities. Through education, incentive initiatives, veterinary care and technological advancement they will have a greater chance of reaching new markets and becoming valid competitors in the beef industry, whilst taking better care of pasture and opening up the possibilities of diversification. This kind of commerce will incentivise sustainable rangeland management and animal husbandry techniques as pastoralist communities look to grow their businesses.

At this yearly event; both livestock and culture are celebrated in equal measure, with cows, sheep and goats on exhibition followed by eating and dancing. By bringing people together and embracing a sense of unity and progression the opportunity for development is enhanced.


The second annual Mugie rangelands and pastoralist show was held on the 2nd of June and was another great success.

We encourage our guests to join in so that they can experience the buzz of this incredible event. When the Pokot, Samburu and Turkana all come together in song and dance it is quite mesmerising.  

At the end - a whole bull is roasted on a spit and everyone enjoys a really delicious “Nyama Choma” (Roast Beef) whilst exchanging stories and comparing livestock. The atmosphere is fantastic.

Roast Bull.jpg

It is interesting to see these three tribes come together in celebration; as typically they are not the best of friends! The pastoral competition between them is intense and the need for greener pastures is always a heated debate. With this new initiative, unifying these communities and showing that there is a better way forward together; Mugie has greatly contributed towards maintaining the peace among its’ neighbours.

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The biggest objective is to ensure that livestock farming does not destroy the ecosystem. Live-stock and wildlife have co-existed for many generations and creating a harmonious balance between the conservation of both allows us to protect every aspect of this beautiful area.  

At Mugie House we are now gearing up for the high season, and really looking forward to being busy. We have recently extended our incredible *stay three nights and pay for two* offer until December 2018 (for new non-resident bookings).

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, come and join us and experience all the wonders of Mugie Conservancy.