Yup.. It rains down in Africa! At Ekorian's Mugie Camp we have had the most amazing rainy season so far this year!

Every river, stream, and water whole is brimming; and the animals are looking fat and happy.

We closed for the month of May to work on camp maintenance. This saw the good old sewing machine back in action as the tents came down and the canvas was patched up and replaced where it needed to be. Camp is looking lovely, and we are all ready for the high season.

While all this has been keeping us busy in the camp, out of camp it’s the month of babies.

We continue to watch the lion pride and their little cubs grow and enjoy their playfulness!

Lion Cub.jpg

We have also seen a number of baby elephants join the herds, and there is nothing more special then watching the family care for and protect these little babies.

Ele calf.jpg

We are so lucky at Ekorian’s as we get such an exclusive and intimate experience with the wildlife, and one of the most spectacular and unusual ways to get up close to herds like this, is from a Kayak - floating gently on the dam.

Kayaking with Eles.jpg

It is an experience best done first hand, as explaining it just doesn’t quite do it justice – but you are completely at one with nature… Come and give it a go!