The high season buzz, new family tent photos, and amazing sightings from Offbeat Mara Camp

Our season is going brilliantly so far! We are now getting stuck into the thick of high season with the migration just around the corner. The wildebeest have started to make an appearance and are slowly trickling in.

Our new family tent has been a big hit, and the luxury of having two bathrooms has made a huge difference.

The interior has been adapted to be a little more spacious and private. We have split the family unit into two tents joined by a corridor. So looking at this picture below; the kids room is on the left, and the far left of this tent has an en-suite bathroom, and the parents room is on the right, and the far right of this tent has an en-suite bathroom too. 


So this is the interior view of the master bedroom, and you can see the corridor joining it to the kids room on the right......


And this is the kids room - you can see the bathroom on the right


The camp veggie patch is taking off well now with our dedicated grounds keeper Moses Kasale diligently looking after it. He is very proud of his “shamba” and has quite the green thumb! We’re looking forward to having all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables as there is nothings like organic, homegrown food.


The Kitchen has been getting stuck into making all sorts of homemade jams and pickles for our guests to enjoy this season along with our signature tree tomato and passion fruit jam. Our chefs have also tried out some new recipes; one for onion jam and one for pickled cucumbers. Both of which are a big hit at lunch time!

We have had some fantastic sightings right on our door step last few days! Amani and her cubs have taken up residence just above camp, and so we regularly get to enjoying sightings of her and her three youngsters. Although she has had a few altercations and stand offs with hyenas when she has made kills, she has successfully kept her cubs safe every time, and all in all; she is proving to be a fine mother to this litter.

Photo credit: Alison Woolcock

Photo credit: Alison Woolcock

An African Wild Cat was seen very briefly running through the long grass just in front of camp. This is an incredibly rare sighting, and although it was very brief; to have seen one of these little cats during the day, with them usually being very shy and predominantly nocturnal, was such a treat. Check out the video on our facebook page