Fly Camping with Horses at Sosian Lodge

We chose to stay at Sosian Lodge because we’d heard about their excellent horses and riding safaris, but not all our family are riders.  Sosian also have loads to do for non-riders, so it seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Whilst the non-riders of the family made the most of game drives, walking, fishing, camel treks and kayaking, the riders were equally entertained.  We felt fortunate to have 6 nights at Sosian (many do less) as we really got to know our horses and all the people so well.  And the riding really was fantastic.  The horses looked amazing and really knew their job and it seemed all levels of riders could be well catered for.

Most days we rode out early in the mornings and again in the evenings, for a couple of hours each time.  No two rides were the same and with such a huge area to explore we crossed rivers, climbed escarpments, galloped across the savannah and swam in dams.  However, the real highlight for us all was a 2-day mini, riding safari to a fly camp set up in the bush.

Leaving the lodge after breakfast we rode for about 3 hours to a beautiful tree house in an acacia tree, next to a dam harboring 3 very vocal hippos!   A huge lunch had been laid out for us.  Our non-riding family members walked to lunch.  Meanwhile the horses were taken care of by a team of grooms whilst we ate, drank and relaxed during the heat of the day.

Deck view.jpg

Feeling rather soporific, we climbed back on to our horses and rode through the afternoon, spotting 5 different herds of elephant, so many giraffe we lost count, and many more animals like zebra, oryx, eland, kongoni and warthog.

Girl riding.jpg
Kids riding.jpg

Meanwhile our non-riders game-drive’d, finding lions not far from our lunch spot! 

Lion in a bush.jpg

A few hours later we all arrived into our fly camp in time for sundowners, which could not have been more welcome! 

A fully stocked bar greeted us with a roaring camp fire.  After hot ‘bucket’ safari showers we sat down to one of the best meals I’ve ever had!  Fillet steak that melted in your mouth, dauphinoise potatoes, hot, crunchy veg and a salsa verde and plenty of excellent red wine to wash it down!  Pudding, coffee, a night cap (I highly recommend Amarula!) and we all laid our heads in bed rolls with extra blankets and hot water bottles, for one of the best nights sleep ever!  Dropping off to the sounds of distant lions and hyenas is something none of us will ever, ever forget.

Evening sundown.jpg

Waking up with the sun and gulping down a hot cup of tea, we were rearing to get back on our horses.  They had also had a good night’s sleep we were told, with no lions visiting on this occasion!  They certainly felt like they were well rested and were wonderfully fresh for the ride back.  With more exhilarating riding, cantering with giraffe and jumping fallen trees we met the non-riders, (who had had another rewarding game drive, spotting leopard this time), down on the river for a bush breakfast of champions!   Pancakes, eggs benedict and all the trimmings went down a treat.  Our horses were taken the short distance back to the lodge whilst we breakfasted, and then walked a short way up stream to the most beautiful waterfall, which the more daring members of our family jumped off!!  We then all jumped in a tractor tyre inner tube and tubed our way back down the river!

Bush lunch.jpg
Water fall.jpg

We truly had the most unforgettable time at Sosian.  It was perfect for our family of teenagers…..2 keen riders, plus myself and 2 adventure junkies plus my husband!  We could have stayed forever!

Sophie Rodgers, UK – July 2018