The Season of Abundance - Ekorian's Mugie Camp

It’s such a wonderful time to visit the camp, when everything is fresh and green and playful. The endless plains of swaying red oat grass have never been experienced in such profusion on Mugie and we cant get enough of it.

Eland photo 1.jpg

Here are the top 5 reasons to come on safari following the rainy season:

1. The animals are happy and healthy: this is the best time to see babies.

2. The scenery has a clean and clear feeling and the sunsets are spectacular, making  wonderful photographic opportunities.

3. The blooming wildflowers and butterflies transform the road sides into colorful passage

Flower photo 2.jpg

4. This is the best time to get out of the car and learn about the tracks in the mud.

5. The clear night sky is the most beautiful, revealing a blanket of twinkling stars

Eland photo 3.jpg

This month we have had particular pleasure in seeing numerous grey crowned crane chicks emerging from several nests around the conservancy. After the crown crane count done in November we have really got to know the families.  Grey crown cranes are among the many struggling species fighting against the lose of habitat, thankfully Mugie has proven to be a haven for the cranes with multiple springs and marshy areas, these birds with the most amazing colouring's can thrive.

Flower photo 2.jpg