Why I Love Kenya

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Celebrating the magic of Kenya

In June this year the 'Why I Love Kenya' campaign was born: an initiative to share positive stories about the country we love so dearly. If you missed any, please find the links below to the first 15 issues. I hope you will enjoy the contents and please share all with family, colleagues and friends.

We hope to continue - and grow - this campaign in 2015 and beyond; there is certainly no shortage of material! Our thanks go to the Associate Members of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) and to the Kenya Tourist Board for their support and to the many individuals who have so generously contributed to the newsletters both in time and resources.

I would also wish to recognise the efforts of the KTF Marketing Committee together with Mike Jones and his team at MJS Colourspace Ltd for their coordination and design of these editions.

Best wishes for the festive season and 2015.

David W Stogdale
Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation Marketing Committee.

Kenya's unique diversity
Kenya Coast
Getting to know Kwale
Northern Rangelands Trust
Horseback Safaris
Kenya's Great Lakes
The Maasai Olympics
Big Life Foundation
The home of the safari
Beautiful people
Nairobi: City in the sun
Welcome to Watamu
Game Fishing
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Pool Party at Sosian, Laikipia, Kenya

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A 40th + 70th Birthday Party at the Sosian pool house!! Champagne, with bitings of mini avocado and bacon soup shots and mini thai fishcakes with sweet chilli sauce, followed by a delicious 3 course dinner, music and celebrations!!!

New Year in Meru?

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How about spending New Year at Offbeat Meru Camp?  

Small groups or large (well up to 14), we'd love to welcome you and see in the New Year!  With large comfortable tents, en suite bathrooms, excellent home cooking and the sublime and refreshing swimming pool, you won't want to leave the camp.

Then again with famously big tuskers, huge herds of buffalo and the large rhino sanctuary, perhaps you will!
We look forward to welcoming you
Contact for excellent value resident rates...

Best wishes from the Offbeat Safaris team
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Getting Festive in the Mara

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The new season has opened with a great festive feel. We have ordered the turkey and the ham. James and Musa the chefs, have been practicing their mince pie pastry and the perfect spice mix for the mulled wine. 

We have put up our Christmas tree, which many of you may find amusing. It is an old acacia tree, that one of our roaming elephants pulled up to get the fresh roots below. We thought we would give it a second chance and brought it in to camp. It looks great all lit up with golden lights in the mess.



The migratory birds have made their annual trip to escape the cold European winter and have joined us for the holiday season. Swallows, Swifts, and Stalks gracefully swirl around the skies over camp in there thousands. We hope your all enjoying the holiday season. 



Availability at Offbeat Meru over New Year's eve

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We have some last minute availability that has just come free at Offbeat Meru Camp over New Year's eve. Please contact if you would like to stay in the stunning Meru National Park and welcome the New Year in style!

Learning about Snakes!

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At the start of the month, the Offbeat Mara Guides, Joseph, David and Josphat went on a safari of their own, to the coast for The International Snake Bite seminar hosted by Bio-Ken Snake Farm. They had a few days in Watamu and got to see some of the areas key attractions, including the Gedi ruins, an ancient trading town that dates back to the 13th century. They also went to the Arabuko Sokoki Forest where they even managed to see the famous ‘elephant shrew’ and many other creatures endemic to the coastal areas.

Walking on the beach was one of their highlights as Josphat and Joseph had never seen the sea before. Their Mara upbringing has made them cautious of large bodies of water but they stood in the sea knee deep.  They planned a boat trip but when they saw the crashing waves at high tide it was quickly decided that it was not a good idea; and that their feet were made to stay on the ground!

There was a lot learnt at the seminar, with world renowned speakers like Stephen Spawls, co author of Reptiles of East Africa, Prof. David Warrell, Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine and Dr. David Williams, Australian Toxicologist and CEO of the Global Snakebite Initiative and Dr. Patrick Malonza, Senior Research Scientist, HOD Herpetology Section, National Museums of Kenya. Amongst many other professionals in the herpetologist world.

So rest assured there is now nothing our team can't tell you about these fascinating creatures!

Best wishes from Kyle, Lara and the Offbeat Mara Camp team!


Sosian pride of lion

Re-painting at Sosian, spring cleaning in Meru, resting the Offbeat horses and well deserved holidays for all our staff, we are now ready to re-open our doors for the festive season!

The turkeys have been ordered and the Christmas puddings are seasoning....a Christmas spent on safari offers something entirely different yet utterly spoiling, with a hint of traditional Christmas that wouldn't be the same without.

We are looking forward to welcoming our guests over this festive time, not least to show them the wonderful wildlife flourishing after good rains this month, with fawns, cubs and chicks everywhere!
Best wishes from Sosian, Offbeat Meru & Offbeat Riding Safaris

3  N I G H T S  F O R  T H E  P R I C E  O F  2




(for non-resident bookings)

For new bookings between now and 31 December 2014

For ENQUIRIES please contact

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The Safari Awards 2015

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Offbeat Mara is a finalist for Best Family Safari Property: 

Sosian is a finalist for Best Family Safari Property and Best Riding Safari Operator:


Offbeat Riding Safaris is a finalist for Best Riding Safari Operator and Best Mobile Safari Operator:


And if you have a minute please vote for Offbeat Safaris by clicking on the following link:      

Thank you!

Early Bird discounts & priced itineraries for 2015

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We are pleased to announce that we will once again be offering a
10% EARLY BIRD discount 
for all new 2015 bookings that confirm between now and 28th February 2015. 
This applies to Offbeat Mara Camp, Sosian Lodge and Offbeat Meru Camp.

Below are some all inclusive 6 night itineraries that include this early bird discount (plus a further free night when combining Meru & Mara), so that you have selling rates at your finger tips for all months of the year, for adults, teens and children...
...these are genuinely superb value safaris!

3 nights Offbeat Meru & 3 nights Offbeat Mara
3 nights Offbeat Meru & 3 nights Sosian Lodge
3 nights Sosian Lodge & 3 nights Offbeat Mara

For any questions or enquiries please contact


(photo by Albie Venter)

 We have had an exciting month with lions in September, and there are a number of different prides on Sosian at the moment. The Laikipia Predator Project (Alayne Cotterill) has a new project with regard to lion energetics. As a result they have collared two more lionesses on Sosian. These collars send a GPS signal every half an hour and the collaboration of the data gets sent to us every morning. This should prove very interesting for us, to see their movements and activity. It will also be very helpful for us in terms of locating the lions for our guests!
Sosian has also had an exciting month with the wild dogs denning in a very well chosen dry river bank, with lots of cover and privacy. We had our first sighting of their puppies, poking their noses out of the den, which was spectacular. There has been lots of interesting activity around the den, including watching how the younger dogs curiously go in to the den to check on the puppies, and the mother pushes them out protectively. The mother and another dog will baby sit the puppies in the safety of the den, while the other dogs go out hunting, at all hours at the moment, returning to regurgitate their food for the mum and puppies.

We hope to see you soon!  Best wishes from Simon, Rosie & the Sosian team

Mara North Conservancy

September has seen a few exciting moments with the lions close to camp.  After tea one afternoon, guests didn't have go far to find in a clearing behind tents 5 and 6 a lioness stalking a zebra. She managed to make a kill and then bring in her 1 year old cubs. It was finished in a matter of hours, and made for a very exciting evening.
We were also able to watch a pair of cheetah brothers hunting together, they took down a fully grown wildebeest after working together for around 45 minutes. This was a very special sighting.
It is coming to the end of the migration now, but with some rain on our side of the Mara River we still have thousands of wildebeest grazing the plains, especially in the conservancy. One of the top moments in the Mara this month, was a crossing of around 10,000 wildebeest and zebra. With only 1 casualty!
In camp, we have finished building a new communal area for the staff, as a big thank you for all their hard work this high season.

 Best wishes from Kyle, Lara and the Mara team!


Meru National Park

This month has been packed full of excitement here in Meru. We have had leopard sightings right by camp; who incidentally, was having a good look at the staff goat, as well as brilliant elephant and lion sightings within a stones throw from camp. Rhino in the sanctuary have been seen frequently, both white rhino and the ever elusive black rhino.

We have been busy this month with all sorts of activities and a whole range of guests through camp, all bringing stories to the fire place about the days sightings and happenings.

I must say we are all excited to see what next month will bring, and we are really looking forward to welcoming all those who are going to be joining us for it.

Cheerio, Craig and the Offbeat Meru team

Masai Mara

Riding in the Mara this month has been exceptional as usual.  The short grass with thousands upon thousands of wildebeest to ride with continues to amaze and delight.  With welcome rain recently we have seen dramatic horizons and now emerald green plains.  The Mara River has come up and still provides exciting crossings with plenty of hippos to keep us on our toes!  The Olare Orok pride of lions now number 17 and are always seen by every group that we ride with.
We have had 7 different groups in September and Tristan, Archie, Jakob and Simon have all been out guiding.  The horses are working hard  but going well and looking great.  With one more ride, finishing on the 13th October, the horses will then return to Deloraine for a well earned holiday!

Salaams from the Offbeat Riding team


4  N I G H T S  F O R  T H E  P R I C E  O F  3 



(for non-resident bookings)

For new bookings between now and 31 December 2014

For ENQUIRIES please contact

Celebrate Kenya

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Celebrate Kenya's heroes with a long weekend away!
From Friday 17th October to Monday 20th October we are offering a further 10% discount on our RESIDENT rates for:

now 15,000/- per adult per night for full package
Teens pay 75% and children pay 50%
(conservation fees not included)


now 15,000/- per adult per night for full package 
or 10,000/- per person per night for non-package

Teens pay 75% and children pay 50%
(conservation fees not included)

To find out more and check availability please

We look forward to welcoming you!

Thank you Expert Africa for sending us this wonderful feedback from a party of Expert Africa's travelers who recently visited Offbeat Mara Camp 
- Miss Lizzy May x 2 They arrived on: 16-Jul-2014 They left on: 21-Jul-2014

They wrote to us about their stay, saying:

Offbeat Mara is absolutely incredible. Every single element of the whole experience comes together to make the whole thing totally unforgettable - a truly life changing experience. The camp managers, Kyle and Lara are two of the friendliest, welcoming and fun people that we have ever met. From stories around the campfire to expertly led walking safaris, they covered everything. We were waved off and welcomed back from safari drives, fed amazing food at all times of the day, and never witnessed an empty glass. We can't even begin to do justice to how great Offbeat Mara was and we urge anybody interested in a true Kenyan experience to book here immediately.

The rooms were not only clean and spacious, but also stylish and comfortable. The staff were all so funny and sociable, not to mention educated in all things safari. We asked many questions and received insightful, interesting answers. Lunch and dinner with the rest of the guests (in our experience, this was between 6 - 10 other people) was an absolute joy. We met so many interesting people with such varied lives. Kyle used to be a cook and so the standard of food was incredibly high given the camp's location in the middle of the bush. Everybody would sit around telling stories and sharing experiences. There are also lots of fantastic photography books to look at, further adding to the enjoyment. It's unbelievable to think that you have seen these things in books and films and then minutes later, you're sat in a jeep staring into the eyes of a pride of lions. Breathtaking.

The drivers at Offbeat were simply unbeatable. It's as if they were orchestrating the animals themselves and we were constantly finding ourselves in the right place at the right time. At first we thought this was luck, but then it dawned on us that it was the highly expert driver (David) and his spotter that were working so hard to make sure we had the best possible time. Not only this, but they had a passion for the wildlife that rubbed off on us, teaching us about animal psychology, local whether movements or bush-craft.

We saw the Marsh Pride of Lion with young cubs, 2 Leopards; one on the way from the airport strip to our lodge and one from the hot air balloon, lions mating and 2 river crossings we were very spoilt!

When asked for their feedback on Offbeat Mara, they commented:

Location as:Excellent
Rooms as:Excellent
Service as:Excellent
Activities as:Excellent
Facilities as:Excellent
Overall, they voted their stay here as: Excellent

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