Sosian is a 24,000 acre private wildlife conservancy, we pride ourselves on managing a unique blend of tourism, conservation and traditional cattle ranching in Laikipia’s highlands. Sosian’s original ranch house was built in the 1940’s by Italian artisans, beautifully restored in recent years to accommodate up to 14 people, whilst maintaining the welcoming atmosphere of a private home, known now as Sosian Lodge. Seven cottages are dotted throughout our garden, a wonderful haven dominated by verdant greenery and flowers, all set against a back drop of Mt Kenya with views for miles over the Laikipia Plateau- true unspoilt Africa. Each cottage lies with its own private veranda and en suite fully plumbed bathroom. The lodge has a beautiful rock swimming pool, set beside a soaring opensided thatched roof house, spaced with hammocks and comfy day beds, a Tennis Court, Riding Manege, and Organic Vegetable Garden. The ranch lies at high altitude (5500 ft), which makes for a perfect climate with no record of malaria.

Sosian's speciality is in providing a totally private game viewing experiance, away from the restrictions of National Park rules. This sense of freedom and exploration means that we can offer action packed adventures in the surrounding Laikipia wilderness. Trekking, Bush Walks, Riding, Camel Safaris, Game-Drives and Night-Drives all offer a multitude of unique ways to seeing game. The Guiding is of the highest standards which complement the huge range of activities available. As well as looking for wildlife, there are other activities available which include Fishing, Archery, Tennis, Rafting, Tubing down the River and swimming in the rivers after jumping off Waterfalls. A visit to a nearby Samburu settlement should not be missed and provides a fascinating insight into traditional pastoral life which has not changed appreciably in hundreds of years.

Sosian has an expanding herd of 600 + head of Boran cattle (Kenya’s very own zebu breed developed from the native stock) including a pedigree breeding herd and small dairy. A tour of the ranching side of Sosian is another fascinating activity not to be missed. Guests can lend a hand with dipping, weighing and vaccinating and learn about the trials of keeping unfenced cattle in this wild environment full of large predators. Sosian is well known for its delicious home cooking using fresh ingredients from the garden and its warm and friendly hospitality. There are lots of wonderful places to eat including picnics by the river, lunches by the swimming pool and bush dinners around an open fire followed by camping under the stars for the more adventurous.

As well as big herds of elephant, zebra, buffalo, numerous species of antelope, giraffe and hippo; lion, leopard, cheetah and spotted hyenas are regularly spotted. Sosian is home to some rare and endangered mammal species such as Jackson’s hartebeest, Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe, striped hyena and aardwolf. There are three packs of African Wild Dogs in the area and sightings of these endangered predators are prolific. Sosian works closely with the Laikipia Predator Project collecting data on wild dogs and lions to protect both these species. The birdlife is spectacular and large raptors such as Martial Eagle, African Hawk Eagle, and Bateleur are resident and often seen.

Sosian’s dramatic landscapes are wild and varied with open plains, acacia forest and riverine valleys. Large Kopjes, rugged escarpments and other prominatories provide spectacular view points across Laikipia’s endless landscape.

Max Hastings wrote about his time in Laikipia "it is amazing how soon one becomes indifferent to the outside world, concerned only for the big events taking place within one's own horizon." Sosian embodies this notion. In this great wilderness you find both beauty and comfort but the only thing worth thinking about is what you intend to do with your long African day. Sosian is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and is a member of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, working to protect Laikipia's wildlife through sustainable land uses such as eco-tourism.

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Seasons - Sosian closes for May and November.

Rates – Start from $430 per person per night (teen and child discounts apply)