More than just a Safari

Experiences here span beyond just a safari. Ekorian greets you with a warm, genuine welcome to this exquisite slice of the natural world. It brings to life the vision that Josh and Donna had when they built the camp: a retreat from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the 'real world', and a re-connection with nature.  

In order to bring you an organic, authentic safari, Ekorian fuses luxury with sustainability, and comfort with responsibility. The camp’s innovative design is eco-friendly and blends into its environment, enabling you to feel immersed in the vivid details that surround you - the sights, the sounds, the smells.



  • WILDLIFE - Mugie has thriving populations of Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Impala, Eland, Reticulated Giraffe, Zebra, and the endemic Grevy Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest and Biesa Oryx. Mugie’s reservoir plays daily host to herds of playfully bathing elephant; an enchanting scene to observe from a nearby kayak.

  • CULTURE – Visits to local Pokot & Samburu community villages.

  • CONSERVATION - Training exercises with anti-poaching blood hounds. Participation in the Laikipia Predator Project. learn about how more efficient livestock management practices benefit community and wildlife conservation working hand in hand.


Ekorian's Mugie Camp feels like a home away from home and caters to the whole family - everything from our family-style dining to our wide range of activities. 

Camp is composed of six accommodation tents (each raised on wooden decks and covered with a papyrus roof), a communal mess tent for sitting and dining, a reception area, a shady deck adjoining the swimming pool (overlooking a watering hole), all surrounding a spacious lawn dotted with native aloe and flower beds. The camp is surrounded by a stonewall and electric fence, which allows you walk around camp, and children to play safely, without a worry. For a detailed fact sheet please CLICK HERE.



We offer a range of activities on Mugie, including:

  • Game drives

  • Guided walks

  • Bird watching

  • Kayaking

  • Bush Breakfast/Picnic Lunch

  • Cultural Visits

  • Fishing

  • Mugie Ranch Activities

  • Anti-poaching bloodhound walks & demonstration

  • Camel Treks

  • Golfing

  • ‘Fly Camping’ (Sleep out under the stars)

We have various activities in camp that keep everyone occupied during down-time, such as volleyball, bird watching, traditional archery, spear throwing, and lawn games, as well as our trampoline and fresh water, chemical-free swimming pool.

Whether watching the elephants come down to drink and swim while you're kayaking, or a herd of giraffe while sipping a ‘sundowner’ at the iconic Sundowner Tree, or buffalo wander past while you're sitting at the pool – wildlife viewing is abundant and breathtaking.

Game driving is just a small part of your safari adventure. Go for a walk through the bush with our experienced guides and get a full sensory experience - see the insects, smell the earth, touch the grasses, hear the calls, and savor your immersion in nature. There are hundreds of species of wildlife and birdlife at Mugie - so there is never a dull moment whatever you decide to do.



Ekorian’s Mugie Camp has thriving populations of Lion, Cheetah, Elephant, Impala, Eland, Reticulated Giraffe, Zebra, and the endemic Grevy Zebra, Jackson’s Hartebeest and Biesa Oryx. Ekorian’s Mugie Camp reservoir plays daily host to herds of playfully bathing elephant; an enchanting scene to observe from a nearby kayak.

Our People

Josh and Donna Perrett

Josh and Donna built the camp in 2012. Donna manages the camp and Josh has recently become the General manger of Mugie. Josh was raised on the neighboring ranch and has spent his life on safari. He is a natural bushman with an amazing ability of reading animals. He has a passion for conservation and finding ways for wildlife and people to live in harmony for a better future. Donna was raised in nearby Nakuru, she trained as a chef in Cape Town before coming back to work in several different camps and lodges around Kenya and Tanzania. She has a keen eye for detail, and a creative sense of design, and loves sharing the wonders of the Kenyan bush with guests. Josh and Donna live on Mugie with their 3 young children, and assortment of lovely dogs. 

Our Ekorian Team

Our Ekorian team is comprised of men and women from local communities and differing tribes, providing jobs to those within our local area, and thus economic empowerment. The team has been mostly trained on-site and we work with vocational programs (guiding, cooking, etc) to provide apprenticeships and training. A cohesive and collaborative group, the team spirit is palpable and the enthusiasm to share their passion about this extraordinary place is obvious.


George - Head Guide

George is the Head Guide at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, George has been apart of Josh’s Family “forever” and was originally taught about the birds by Josh’s Mum. George is an enthusiastic birder with terrific eyesight. He is an avid conservationist and loves to share his passion for the bush.


Epak - Head Waiter

Epak's enthusiasm and friendly smile will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive.


Jackline and Steven - Chefs

Jackline and Steven our chefs, both trained by Donna, have a natural flair for cooking . The both enjoy using fresh ingredients and cooking homely fare.

Mugie Conservancy


Mugie Ranch is diverse in flora and fauna, the Conservancy in home to. The Conservancy is home to around seventy species of mammals including lion, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, elephant, eland, giraffe, zebra, hyena, impala, and warthog. There are many rare and endangered species residing on Mugie, including the Grevy’s Zebra and Jackson’s Hartebeest.

Mugie Dam

The dam at Mugie was completed in 2009 when the construction of the 500-meter long dam wall was finished and a flash flood filled the dam overnight. As Kenya’s third largest private dam, the reservoir is 156 acres and holds 1.3 billion litres of water. The dam plays a huge role in the ecosystem, providing a year-round source of water, so animals have somewhere to drink, even in the height of the dry season. There is a big population of tilapia and catfish, both introduced, in the dam and so fishing is a rewarding activity.

Predator Project

“The Laikipia Predator Project” is a research study that strives to improve the conservation of large carnivores by tracking their movement and behaviour. For the past ten years, Mugie has been one of the core study areas and several of the lions here are collared.  At Mugie we help the predator project by finding the lions and monitoring their location and activity. Each lion has its unique personality and regular tracking allows us to get to know them. We have also been able to find them when they’ve just had cubs. It’s such a privilege to see the pride and such young cubs on a regular basis. We are fortunate have one of the highest lion density populations in Laikipia

As the border areas of reserves and parks are developed, predators and humans come in to conflict with each other. This conflict is usually due to shrinking habitats and the lions often find the domestic livestock an impossible temptation. So where lions may hunt a person’s livelihood, humans pose a great threat to the lion as they often then kill a lion or leopard out of retaliation.

Laikipia District is one of the few areas where people, livestock, and predators co-exist. By studying this co-existence the aim is to further understand how it is possible, and make its continuation feasible by developing and discovering animal husbandry practices and techniques to manage the mutual threats.

2019 Rates

The ALL INCLUSIVE rates at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp are split into 2 seasons:

REGULAR Season (5th January -30th April 2018 Jun, 1st September - 30th October 2018, 1st December – 17th December 2018): $470 per adult per night (plus conservation fees)
PEAK Season (1st July – 1st September 2018, 18th December to 4th January 2019): $620 per adult per night (plus conservation fees)
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Video - Mugie Camp


Great visit- beautiful setting, lovely food, and great game drives, thank you.
— Kent, UK