Although the idea of taking children on a safari may be daunting to some, we believe that there is no better holiday than a family safari.

Our hosts and guides at Offbeat Mara are truly wonderful and engaging with children on safari and rest assured there is plenty to keep them entertained whilst you take a back seat and relax or get involved yourselves!

Our Masai guides are great at imparting their knowledge of the Mara (their home area) - in a fun, interactive and educational way. There are few better people to teach children about the Masai culture, history the Mara ecosystem and its wildlife. Families are welcome to visit the local school where the children can interact with each other, play football, teach each other songs, amongst other activities and leave with a more rounded outlook of how other children live and learn around the world.

Closer to camp children can be as active or as ‘quiet’ as you like. Fishing in the stream that flows through camp is always fun and countless numbers of our guests – adult and child alike - have left with the fond memory of catching their first fish here, amongst the wildebeest and elephants in the Masai Mara! Our Masai staff are always at hand to help make and shoot bows and arrows at targets in camp and bush walks are possible to discover the ‘small stuff’ – which is more often than not the ‘fun stuff’ you don’t see from a vehicle – tracks, insects, birds, dung, bones, holes and homes and more.

Back in camp we have a variety of board games and a small library to wile away the hours if needed and if we have any budding chefs children are always welcome to get involved in the kitchen, baking cakes and bread!