Perhaps the most exciting riding safaris in Africa...

Offbeat Riding Safaris have been operating since 1990 and have a stellar reputation for providing un-rivalled mobile horseback safaris amongst big game.  Riding up close to elephant, lion and buffalo, or galloping with wildebeest and zebra are life changing experiences.  If you are a rider, there is simply no better way to see Kenya than from the back of a well schooled and fit horse.

We ride across the Masai Mara and Amboseli, choosing the best routes over 5-10 days.  With a mobile tented camp that moves with us, this is the epitome of what a true 'safari' is all about.

After more than 10 trips with Offbeat Safaris, they still manage to combine beauty, excitement, fear, luxury and a deep connection with Nature in a manner I believe no other holiday can...
— Lucinda Green, MBE (Olympic & World Champion 3 Day Event medalist)

Riding Safaris

Mara Ride

With outstanding game viewing from horseback and superb riding country, the Mara exceeds all expectations.  This is undoubtedly our most popular riding safari, especially for first timers to Kenya.  


Amboseli Ride

With the stunning backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro and its famous herds of elephant, Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills offer beautiful riding country that is hard to rival.  we offer a set departure in June but can do tailor made rides at any time of year.

Laikipia Ride

Laikipia is a unique wildlife area and contains an enormous diversity of wildlife from the Big Five downward. It is famous as the last reserve of the Jacksons Hartebeest and is home of several rare species such as the Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx, Grevy's Zebra, Gerenuk and Somali Ostrich amongst others. In recent years the various landowners have tended away from exclusive cattle ranching to embrace more tolerance of game and even large predators such as lion and hyena are more abundant now than they would have been 25 years ago.

2019 Set Departures

Click here for the 2019 set departure safari dates, rates, and itinerary and fact sheet.

These are 7 or 8 night all inclusive itineraries with a maximum of 12 spaces per ride.  Bespoke / private rides may also be arranged.



Our People

Archie Voorspuy - Riding Guide

Tristan's son, Archie has literally grown up on safari and more than 20 years later has become a fully fledged riding guide in his own right.  A true horseman and a superbly knowledgeable guide, Archie couldn't be more qualified for the job.  With boundless youth and energy Archie makes everyone feel at ease and is the most charming of hosts.  As one of Kenya's top polo players, plus stints in the UK and Australia, he provides much expertise and tuition when playing chukkas with guests back at Deloraine House. 

Jakob von Plessen - Riding Guide

Born and raised in Argentina, Jakob is a highly proficient horseman.  He has worked for Tristan for nearly 20 years and on any riding safari with Jakob you quickly appreciate he is an inspirational source of knowledge for Kenya's wildlife as well as being the perfect host.  Jakob is fluent in German, Spanish, English and French.  From July to October Jakob is in Kenya but when the rains come he heads back to Argentina to run his own riding safari company.  He is rarely seen not wearing his traditional Argentinian 'boyna' hat.


Joss Craig - Riding Guide

Joss was born in Kenya and grew up on his family ranch Lewa Downs on the Northern slopes of Mount Kenya.
The Craig family has lived on Lewa since his great grandfather moved there in 1920s. They run Lewa Wilderness which is a top class Lodge and well known tourist destination in what has now become the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.  He is a 3rd generation Kenyan.

It is from here that Joss became involved in all forms of wildlife conservation and guiding from a young age. He has worked for Running for Rangers under the company 51 Degrees which trains all conservation rangers in East Africa. The training involved recruitment, selection and physical training in the field which was done on Lewa, Borana, Ol Pejeta and NRT. Joss has also been involved in the security on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy which is above all one of Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries.

Riding, playing polo and guiding have always been a part of his life.
After leaving school in the UK, Joss has worked as a relief manager and private guide for a number of safari companies throughout Kenya. Over the past 4 years he has been on many safaris with Tristan and was promoted and trusted by him to be able to lead trips as the main guide.
Being a close family friend of the Voorspuy’s meant that Joss is well suited to the high standard of guiding that Offbeat prides itself with.  He has also lead many safaris with Archie Voorspuy and Simon Kenyon both in the Masaai Mara and in Laikipia.



Simon Kenyon - Riding Guide

Simon was born in Kenya and grew up on a farm in Laikipia near Mount Kenya. Simon was schooled in the UK and graduated with a degree in Zoology from the University of Leeds. Simon has been guiding safaris all over Kenya for the last 10 years. Simon started as a back up guide to Tristan Voorspuy and soon started to lead the Offbeat Safaris. For the last 5 years Simon has been the head guide and lodge manager at Sosian Lodge in Laikipia and has been leading rides in the Mara and throughout Laikipia for Offbeat. Simon has also worked for Jakob Von Plessen of Jakotango Safaris in Argentina, and Robin Hurt Safaris in Kenya and has ridden with Okavango Horse Safaris in Botswana so knows what it takes to give his guests the best riding safari experience. Simon’s sense of fun and passion for the bush is infectious and his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for Kenya provides a uniquely special experience for his guests. 

Netty - Spotter

A Mara safari would not be complete without its Maasai spotter/guide.  Netty epitomises a young man brought up in the bush. His eyesight and spotting ability is second to none and he is an inspiration whilst walking in the bush.  He has an uncanny perception for danger in thick bush and can always tell where the buffalo or elephant have passed or may be lurking. Maasai with their tradition of hunting lion are not particularly frightened when encountering them on foot.  However, he has a very healthy respect for the larger mammals, especially buffalo, elephant and hippo.  He also acts as a vital liaison between our guests and our Masai hosts and landlords in the Mara.

What to Pack

We are often asked by guests, 'what should we pack?'  With relatively tight luggage limits on the internal flights (15kg per person), a suggested packing list can be helpful.  Please click here for a downloadable copy.



Offbeat Riding Safaris


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